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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Evan Seaman

Contributing Columnist


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Don’t be fooled by beauty

The stigma in Miami is that the women, or the opposite sex if you’re a girl (or whatever floats your boat), while a feast...

Why do you really defend your team?

Most arguments are dumb and get nowhere but sports related ones particularly. Why?

Time to leave your routine behind

Are you annoyed with your day-to-day grind? I know it feels hard to break free from when you’re so busy on weekdays.However, do something different: this is what these four experimental years of debt accumulation are for.

Don’t break an ankle running

I like where this article is going in theory but in practice not so much, and I’m referring to ‘Force Yourself to Run the...

We’re too smug for our own good

Complacency has run rampant. If you’re in Greek life, nearly every piece of clothing you wear is of your organization. You immerse yourself in collectivism and lose the personal touch.

Starting the spring semester

Ah, it’s spring term. Where you don’t start off the semester with swamp-ass in excruciating heat, and all the hassle of moving in (unless you were abroad).

Strange Audience Habits

I will never understand why certain people endure the entire length of a movie that is objectively bad (of course art is subjective, but Transformers 2 is crap and not art -- unless you consider mass theft to be an art form) and will never crack a smile or look involved throughout, but they will fight to the death for argument's sake afterwards that they were extremely satisfied.

Bogus Green Initiatives

I'm all for saving the environment as long as the consumer doesn't have to pay significantly more for the "upgrade," financially or otherwise.

Breaking down Greek brotherhood

I see the perks in joining a frat: partying, stumbling across some good people and meeting more women. But I don’t see the value in pretending to be friendly with “brothers” I’m not particularly fond of, just because they’re under the same roof and sign semester checks to the same recipient. Also, chill out on the brotherhood.

Making a move is not offensive

I really abhor when I’m out and attempting to make moves on a girl but one of her friends in the group in particular, void of any stimulation or flirtation for the night, hones in decides to be the bearer of her own, conjured bad news. “Yeah my friend isn’t interested, so you best step off” is something this person would likely say, taking all her pent up, accumulated anger out on me for doing such an innocent act as showing interest in her friend in a genuine way who otherwise was receptive up until that point.

Fanatical frenzies deemed futile

People love to camp out. Instead of enjoying the outdoors, however, most camping trips actually entail waiting lines for anything from movies to video games.

Virtual birthday wishes are disappointing

When I think about it, it’s rather baffling that on one’s birthday, a flood of wall notifications comes in from virtually everyone, mostly strangers or brush-up acquaintances, who send their “best wishes.”
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