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Chinese students express mixed reactions towards UM administration’s efforts

“Either the government needs to implement more strong policies, or people need to increase their awareness of the virus in order to better control the virus."

2020 Year in Review: UM community reflects on its challenges amid resiliency

The University of Miami endured a tumultuous year of surprises and hurdles: from responding to the coronavirus pandemic to implementing new health practices, to adapting to society's new normal.

Fired Coral Gables inspector cites ‘dangerous conditions’ in newly opened Lakeside Village

University of Miami students recently moved into Lakeside Village, the new $153 million housing project that has state-of-the-art construction, landscaping, and, according to a lawsuit, code violations that could “result in life-threatening danger to students.”

Understanding the ‘Zoom Boom’: Videoconferencing, Zoom University and zoombombings

As declarations of stay-at-home orders begin to rise and social distancing continues to be enforced, Zoom has become a cultural phenomenon. Many people use the app to host religious services, parties, lectures and musical shows.

Administration’s coronavirus communication efforts stir mixed reactions

While many students praised UM for supporting students through this difficult situation, some said they wished the administration was more proactive and clear in their communications.

Unmasking coronavirus

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UM reacts to growing fears of possible coronavirus pandemic

“The entire situation is heartbreaking,” said Li, a graduate student majoring in public relations.

New Florida law to combating texting and driving

The bill signed by Governor DeSantis makes texting while driving a primary offense effective July 1, 2019, allowing law enforcement officers to pull over drivers and give a citation solely for texting behind the wheel.

Students raise concerns over fall finals schedule

“Everything is coming right after the other,” said Dominique. “Students should be using the break to take a breather and spend time with family, but because of the tightness of this year’s fall calendar, we’re basically forced to study and work on homework throughout the break.”

Florida Priorities Summit to facilitate discussions on issues impacting community

“I feel that the Florida Priorities Summit will allow professionals and the public to partake in discussions on critical topics that are impacting our local community and beyond,” said Rick Hirsch, managing editor of the Miami Herald. “It’s important to encourage an open dialogue on these subjects and craft solutions.”
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