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Student media wins big at CSPA awards

Three student publications at the University of Miami received top honors from the CSPA: Distraction Magazine, Scientifica Magazine and The Miami Hurricane.

Whitely to host 8th annual Women’s Leadership Symposium

Participants will have the opportunity to empower and celebrate women in all spaces through the theme “She S.O.A.R.S,” which stands for saw, overcame, achieved, reflected and served.

Student investors reflect on GameStop stock craze

“Investing should not be looked at as gambling.”

Fauci speaks to the UM community about COVID-19

There are a lot of topics regarding COVID-19, and Facui outlined seven of them, beginning with epidemiology and historical background on coronaviruses.

Remote students return to campus: ‘I appreciate so much more’

“I have to accept that this is the way that the world is going to be for a while and I can’t put my life on hold forever.”

Reversing course, UM announces virtual December commencement

Less than two weeks before commencement, Frenk announced the ceremony will be held virtually. The decision comes amidst a rise in Covid-19 cases in Miami and across the country. Prior to the email, UM had spent the previous month planning for a socially-distanced, in-person ceremony at Hard Rock stadium.

UM professors discuss claims of voter fraud

“There is no credible evidence of voter fraud. Period.”

‘Mask-erade’ art project aims to shed light on the Covid-19 pandemic

“It is a way for us to do something and influence how people behave on-campus and off-campus and try to protect our health and those around us,” said Scylla Blervacq, a senior majoring in health science, who is also a student in the socially-engaged art class and participated in the “mask-erade.”

Harris vs. Pence: Students share their views on the vice presidential candidates

This year’s election pits two of the oldest candidates in U.S. history against each other, with President Donald Trump being 74-years-old and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, 77, giving added significance to each party’s nomination for vice president. Senator and Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris and Vice

Starting college during a pandemic: Freshmen reflect on their first semester so far

Coupled with the loss of traditional events associated with the end of high school, many incoming freshmen are skeptical about the future.

Students watch Harris, Pence in their first and only debate

In the wake of last week’s debate riddled with interruptions and sidebars, students were interested to see how each vice presidential candidate would handle themselves on the debate stage.

Students gather to watch ‘frustrating’ first presidential debate

“As expected, it was not very presidential."
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