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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Edyna Garcia

Contributing EDGE Writer


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Changing it up for winter weather

As we say our goodbyes to October and welcome November, it’s time to start thinking of changing up our wardrobe. It’s that inevitable time...

Funky fall trends

As fall approaches, we start to notice changes in fashion with various summer trends continuing through the fall. Feather and glitter hair extensions, daring...

Fashion forward

  As the fall and winter seasons approach, you’ll remember that nothing really changes in Miami. Lucky for us, the little variation in Miami weather...

Band breaks barriers by merging cultures

When living in Miami it’s almost mandatory that everyone partake in a Hispanic culture of some sort. Though the Salsa and Merengue Clubs,...

The real Miami-Dade: “The Fair Be There”

Remember, the bright lights? The cotton candy that got stuck between your fingers? The rush of rounding the top of the ferris wheel? At the...

‘WallCasts’ move classical music to center stage

As you approach Washington and 17th, you can hear the faint sounds of the flutes and the cellos amid the buzzing night crowd of...

Rebellious Amanda Palmer delights again

After the release of her first solo album in 2008, "Who Killed Amanda Palmer," Palmer created a fan base by taking advantage of social...

Onstage chemistry ignites classic tale

With a Juliet who holds a sword in hand, a Romeo who cannot seem to keep his hands to himself and a sword fight...
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