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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Donatela Vacca



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Midtown Miami makes for daylong amusement

When living in Miami, it seems like the best and most obvious thing to do on a day off is to visit the beach,...

‘All The Bright Places’ hits all the right spots with charming, heartbreaking plot

A suicidal teen convincing a depressed girl that there is no point in killing herself is pretty contradictory, but it is precisely this contradiction...

Breezeway tabling effective for some, overwhelming for others

Buzzing with student volunteers, the University of Miami breezeway offers a chance for organizations to spread the word about upcoming events or fundraising. Some...

What to do this Valentine’s Day weekend

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start planning the perfect weekend. Fortunately, for all those romantics out there, Valentine’s is...

Miami’s Coral Castle is an eerie attraction

As if the story of a tiny, 5-foot Latvian man who somehow single-handedly lifted huge stone blocks to create a coral fort isn’t already...

Pack like a pro this Thanksgiving break

With Thanksgiving break just around the corner, the struggle of what to pack and how to survive our rendezvous with winter is becoming more...

Key Biscayne: Miami’s ‘hidden treasure’

A massive bridge propels visitors into clear blue skies, making it seem like there is no land – just water and sun. With the...
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