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Friday, May 7, 2021

David Ufberg



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‘Bridge of Spies’ portrays Cold War tensions with subtle humor

A hero is a person who doesn’t know they’re a hero,” legendary director Steven Spielberg said in a phone media conference. He was referencing...

Student organizations rumble on Foote Green

The Foote Green in front of Richter Library was filled with active bodies Wednesday as a number of student organizations participated in the annual “Rumble...

Farmer’s Market provides array of shakes, fruits, treats

We all know that smell – that sweet, distinctive smell that wafts about in front of Club Richter on Wednesday afternoons. It's the smell...

Toppel’s ‘Majors and Minors Fair’ offers opportunity, options to participants

https://youtu.be/eHLy4-Ty5t4 Monday's Majors and Minors Fair, hosted by Toppel Career Center, exemplified what Toppel is all about—helping students prepare to pursue jobs. The fair was held in...

School of Architecture honored for serving Little Havana

The City of Miami celebrated “Rodolphe El-Khoury Day” to acknowledge the achievements of the University of Miami’s School of Architecture on Thursday, Sept. 24. The day's namesake, the...
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