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Danielle Peloquin

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Art of belly dancing comes to campus

For many, the words “belly dance” bring to mind images of scantily-clad women gyrating their hips in an exotic harem, an image local belly...

“Lost Souls Like Us” album a mixed bag

The Baton Rouge-based duo Benjy Davis Project’s fourth album, “Lost Souls Like Us” features personal lyrics and lush instrumentation, bringing mandolin, slide guitar, piano and organ into the typical rock mix.

“Blue Sky Noise” a must listen album

Circa Survive’s new album “Blue Sky Noise” is proof that there is intelligent life in the rock scene once again.

Pasha’s guilt-free cuisine

If you are looking for a meal that is fast and healthy, Pasha’s Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine is the place to check out.

Jason Castro unlikely to hook new fans

American Idol star Jason Castro’s self-titled debut album features catchy pop-rock melodies and heart-felt lyrics.

Lifefood Gourmet an interesting alternative

Raw, dairy-free, gluten free lasagna? Delicious! Lifefood Gourmet features a unique selection of vegan, organic and all-natural cuisine that is either raw or lightly heated. It is a refreshing experience, especially for vegetarians living in a city where Cuban cuisine and Argentinean steak houses abound. Eating rice and beans every time your friends are in the mood for ropa vieja and empanadas can get old after a while.

‘Clash of the Titans’ entertaining but mindless

Overall the cast delivers performances that are good but not memorable. Worthington is unimpressive as Perseus, delivering the same “Avatar” Jake Sully character repackaged in ancient Greek garb.

‘Green Zone’ entertaining but not insightful

“Green Zone” attempts to roll military action/thriller and political drama into one.
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