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Cookies and Conversation: National Organization for Women to discuss pending gender-pay discrimination lawsuit

The event will focus primarily on discussing the lawsuit UM is facing from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for gender-based discrimination on the behalf of political science professor Louise Davidson-Schmich.

UM celebrates National Voter Registration Day

“We’ve been surprised by the number of students who have registered. Practically everyone who has passed by us has registered or at least have asked how to register in their own state.”

President Frenk to deliver new “State of the U” address

The “State of the U” began in 2018 when UM’s Board of Trustees approved Frenk’s “Roadmap to Our New Century” agenda.

Black families in America are scared. Why aren’t we helping?

Communities of color have been grieving for decades, if not, centuries.

Islamophobia: The plague of the West

You should not die in your sanctuary and only have political leaders offer “thoughts and prayers." They should offer action and denounce white supremacy.

There’s more to America’s diabetes problem than meets the eye

When the statistics of poverty and health connect and staggeringly go against African Americans, we need to realize that the problem is, in fact, institutional racism.

Heterosexual and cisgender privilege are real. Here’s why.

We often discuss privilege and recognize white privilege, socio-economic privilege and gender privilege. However, one that falls in our blind spot is heterosexual cisgender privilege.

America’s real national emergency

Presidents have declared dozens of emergencies, but Trump’s declaration is the first of its kind.

On Parkland, Valentine’s Day and Trump

The sun rose over Parkland, Florida on Feb. 14, 2018, with kindred spirits and an amorous air. By 2 p.m., Valentine's Day in Parkland...

How gentrification is flourishing in Miami

Condos have replaced houses. Porsches have replaced Hondas. And wealthy people will replace the minorities who’ve birthed Miami.

The indoctrination that comes with a Catholic education

For ten years, I was trained to be anti-abortion. But as a junior at the University of Miami, I feel compelled to argue that this framework to educate young minds is toxic.

The decline of our democracy in the face of furloughed federal workers

The federal workers affected by the shutdown are crucial employees to American safety.
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