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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Dan Buyanovsky

Senior Writer


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Dreaming of Paris

It was always Paris. It was always, always the goal – the mission. The place where I needed to be...

Finding yourself is no easy task

Now, it's pretty convenient that I'm in the dénouement of my personal identity crisis at the midpoint of my college career, but fate doesn't wait, it just sort of happens.

Goodbye, dear Facebook

Less than a week ago, I deleted my Facebook for what seems like the sixty-ninth time (no innuendo).

Clothing does not make the man

Last Friday I went to Monty's for the first time. I'd been at a pal's house and I left my dorm earlier that day wearing a sleeveless tee from my middle school basketball team and tight black jeans.

A child dares to dream

At some point the forces of the Earth and gravity pull the baby back. It’s harnessed back into reality and told that to fly is impossible, to dream is irresponsible and unrealistic, and to hope is nothing but a waste of time.

Valentine’s for the lovers, Festivus for the rest of us

Valentine’s Day and I have been at odds for a while now. I’ve gone back and forth on how I’ve felt about the day that’s marked personal disappointment, relief, turmoil and even the loss of a v-card (cliché!).

Ubiquitous Elitists

Do you remember going to a record store (ever?) and seeing two greasy-haired locals with crusty headphones blaring, hunched over a pile of Dinosaur Jr. and Pixies records?

Looking for some real love

Now, as I’m trying to move on and be a happy college kid who’s searching for better days with nothing but a hard penis and a keen sense of style (am I shallow ‘cause all my clothes designer?) in tow, I’m running into a few speed bumps.

Music’s year in review

Music's year has been a hectic one; let's review the exciting news from the year past.

Relationships are a little complicated

Through the ups, downs, drinking binges and Chartwell’s food poisoning’s, one thing has remained a constant – I’m a really horny college kid.

Musicians and roommates working on a world party

Two of UM's Grad Students are friends and roommates, and they're also working on carving their own place in the Miami music scene.

Groovin’ in the Grove

On this particular day, I will bypass the Thursday outing of choice for most of the UM population and search for new horizons beyond Coconut Grove.
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