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Friday, May 7, 2021

Christine Williamson

Contributing Sports Writer


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Rathskeller remains as student hotspot for a year

Powerful streams of water from Cobb Fountain can be seen from the orange swinging chairs resting right in front of the University of Miami’s Rathskeller, UM’s historic dining spot located between the Phillip and Patricia Frost School of Music and the University Center.

The Rat gets iLL

Spoken Word Wednesday's at The Rat will end this semester with a bang by bringing in iLL-Literacy, one of the hottest collaborations of poets currently touring the world.

Spoken Word hits the Rat once again

Spoken Word Wednesday’s is event at the University of Miami’s Rathskeller. It brings together a diverse crowd of people from all over Miami and takes a bite out of the thick definition of language.

Wii competitions come to the Rathskeller

The Rat has caught Wii fever-the beloved campus bar/restaurant/hang-out is starting to host Wii Tournaments for anyone who dares to compete.

The Rat brings UM basketball support

After receiving steady turnout for the broadcast of the men's basketball team’s trip to the NCAA tournament last season, the Rathskeller decided to host tailgates for every away game this year.
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