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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Chelsea Matiash

Editor in Chief 09'-10'


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Satin shoes

I might not always remember the pale daisy satin And the way your hair was parted to the right I won’t always remember the charming things...

for the next three days

like overworked dough and poems that try to rhyme we folded flat words that feel like metal in the roof of your mouth and dough that wouldn't rise to the occasion

Push yourself if you want to see real change

I will never forget the moment I crossed through the airport terminal with my overstuffed suitcase and Build-A-Bear and waved goodbye to my family. Only...


Swans are mortal, too.

I/2 cup butter, 1 cup sugar

counters set to 9 minutes

Lincoln Drive

Edison built my first house on 4 Lincoln Drive, where the miners came home after dark to kiss their wives.....

Exchange between homosapian and a bat

a molecule .pollenating.navigating.


red and green and purple sound that you can see

At it again…

at it again


Tamarack beach...

What does it feel like?

what does it feel like?

Stay Classy, Miami

The game, aside from a celebratory occasion, also showed us why FSU is our rival.
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