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Decrease in campus living accomodations

The search for student housing for next year just became a little more difficult. In an email to students and faculty at the end of the winter break, the University of Miami announced the closing of the student apartment area after this semester.

Rate your professors

Faculty evaluations have been online for three years and has proved to be very useful for the university.

Boat burning returns to Homecoming Week

The history of the boat burning started with a little known fraternity and has grown into one of the University of Miami's most loved tradition.

Engineers Without Borders club means business

Although it may have to face the economic realities of the recession to continue some of its projects, the University of Miami chapter of Engineers Without Borders has already showed that they mean business.

College of Engineering professor awarded William R. Jones Outstanding Mentor Award

As he sat at his desk one afternoon, sending off e-mails and getting ready for his next meeting, College of Engineering professor and associate dean Shihab Asfour received one e-mail that both surprised and pleased him. The McKnight Doctoral Fellows Conference, sponsored by the Florida Education Fund (FEF), awarded him the William R. Jones Outstanding Mentor Award.
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