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Democratic primary debates are the key to beating Trump in 2020

Without these Democratic primary debates, voters would not be able to see how their favorite candidate would stand against President Trump.

How Thanksgiving break will be my saving grace from weeks of stress

For me, all of my deadlines for my biggest assignments seem to all fall on the same day: my last class before Thanksgiving break.

Mass shooting solutions: Lost cause or opportunity for change?

Banning assault rifles is at the top of my list because the most recent mass shootings we have witnessed in the United States have been executed with assault rifles such as AR-15s.

Trump’s new policy hurts children of military parents

In a time when we have to fear getting gunned down at our local Walmart or drowning in student loan debt after college, many Americans are hoping that speaking out on social media and protesting in public can help influence change among our government officials.

A degree and a dream

Do I enter the workforce? Do I go to grad school? Do I take a gap year? These are all questions that might circle the minds of college students as they prepare to graduate and begin their careers.

Kamala Harris’ stance on key issues may sidetrack her hopes as the prime Democratic presidential candidate

When it comes to Kamala Harris, there’s no doubt that her past is going to come up as an issue.

Former felons can change Florida’s future

It has been a long time coming for felons to be granted their right to vote once again in the state of Florida.

Why I voted

This year, Florida’s midterm elections marked the first time that I cast my vote and took my opinions to the polls
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