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Friday, May 7, 2021

Austen Gregerson

Staff Columnist


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Give baseball another shot

On Friday, when most of us will be in the Grove forgetting what day and year it is, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the New York Yankees start their best-of-seven series for the American League Championship.

Fraternity brings Vegas-themed Gandi Day to retirement home

In coordination with the University of Miami’s National Gandhi Day of Service, the Phi Delta Theta fraternity organized and ran a casino for the retirement home. While they were only gambling tickets for various small prizes instead of vast sums of money, the excitement from the residents was palpable to all those involved.

Pulling an all-nighter

Students at the University of Miami are participating in an "All-Nighter for the Poor," to raise money for poor Caribbean countries.

‘Swagger’ is dead

Everyone wants to have swag, but the very act of seeking it removes any legitimacy. We were not deemed as a school to have swagger because we went around saying “Hey everybody, we got swag in the bag.” It was because we didn’t care what the hell anyone thought.

Sign-up deadline for Gandhi Day approaches

Deadline for Gandhi day is on Sept. 18

Did A-Rod curse the stadium?

Don’t believe in curses? Those are just childish ways of explaining bad luck, right?

Obama: The iPod president?

So here we are, only 52 days into the 44th President’s tenure, and people are already quarreling on just how to label President Obama.

Home for a Hurricane contrasts with common view of ‘Magic City’

The Miami sunshine has a way of hiding the dark spots of the city. Pitcher Anthony Nalepa is an example of how differently true Miamians view their city.

It’s time to kill the BCS cash cow

During his recent interview with "60 Minutes", the President-Elect vowed that he would "throw [his] weight around" in trying to get college football to switch from the current BCS format to an eight team playoff system.

Who does Alaska think it is?

Alaska, once our quiet, second-cousin of a state, has now turned into the obnoxiously drunk uncle who likes to brag about how much better “his days” were.
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