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Ashleyann Gosselin

Health Advice Columnist


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Healthy Cane: Itchiness and emergency contraceptives

Q. I lost my virginity this past week and I am extremely sore and itchy down there. What is going on, did I catch an...

Snorting Adderall and pimples on privates

Ashleyann discusses the dangers of snorting prescription drug Adderall and quick-fixes for blemishes in intimate regions.

Febreze your boyfriend, protect against STDs

Q. The guy I like has a great personality but everytime I see him, he smells absolutely horrible - like a mixture of cigarettes,...

Healthy Cane: Great diet foods

I'm trying to lose weight but I can't stop myself from eating. Are there any foods that I can eat that will help me lose weight?

MedSchool Briefs

UM doctors publish new stroke study in prestigious journal New findings for the largest secondary stroke prevention study ever conducted have recently been published in...

Curbing blackberry addiction; using color therapy to de-stress

I’m addicted to my Blackberry. Give me some tips to regain my sanity and become an active contributor to society again.

Wasted condoms and toilet STDs

I heard if you keep a condom in your wallet, it may not work later. Is that true?

Real-life student health questions answered

Q: I'm going to a big party tonight but a huge zit just popped up on my face. What's the fastest way to get...
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