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Debates cannot determine America’s fate

Many people discount the value of presidential debates, claiming they don’t have a legitimate impact on voters. But just a week after the first debate, former Gov. Mitt Romney is leading in the polls. Before the debate, he barely had a chance. A CNN “Poll of Polls” that averaged three national surveys of likely voters…


A staff divided: Chick-fil-A on campus

The Miami Hurricane’s Editorial Board met Sunday afternoon to discuss whether Chick-fil-A should be able to open a location on campus. By the end of the discussion, the Board was unable to reach a consensus. Although the 15 members in attendance unanimously agree on supporting LGBT rights – which include same-sex marriage, hospital visitation rights…


Staff editorial: The NCAA’s problem became The U’s

It’s no secret to anyone that The U is currently embroiled in a huge scandal involving the football team, the NCAA and one booster with highly questionable morals. Reactions run the gamut from calling for the “death penalty” for the football team, to calling for Donna Shalala to resign. But is the University of Miami really the issue?


Staff Editorial 8/25: Still hooked on books

We seem to be in the midst of the digital book revolution. Borders is dead, libraries are closing and sales of e-readers are through the roof. And yes, there’s something to be said for the convenience of a Kindle. You can carry an entire library of books in a device weighing less than nine ounces,…

V's Take

Dear V: I got stung by the wrong tentacle…

Dear V, I recently attempted a romantic rendezvous on the beach. But after being attacked by a jellyfish and getting sand in all sorts of unfortunate places, we gave up. Any advice for spicing it up on the coast without mother nature constantly interrupting? Your Not-So-Baywatch-Babe Dear Steve Irwin – Stingray + Jellyfish = Alive,…


Staff Editorial: Independence, Not Indifference

It’s a fact: The University of Miami is awesome. People love us, people hate us, kids aspire to attend and we all have friends that are jealous of our college choice. So why don’t we as a student body exhibit pride in our school? Students don’t go to sporting events; Hurricane Force has to incentivize…

V's Take

Dear V: Am I in denial?

Dear V, There’s a guy I’ve grown close to who always teases me. It’s gotten to the point where others have wondered whether we’re going to just get on with it and pounce on each other. I keep denying any sort of feelings, but they all continue to persist. I think he doesn’t like me…

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