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How COVID-19 changed Miami athletics this fall

In the classroom, in training and in games, the fall semester was unlike any other for student athletes at the University of Miami and throughout the NCAA.

Maskless students pack bars in Key West for Halloweekend

By around 10 p.m. on Halloween, Duval Street was bustling with crowded groups of maskless tourists in costumes walking through the streets, many of them with drinks in hand and several others bunched together waiting outside of bars to get in— much like what would be seen on a normal Halloween without a pandemic.

University expands mass testing for Covid-19

As part of the University of Miami’s mass-testing plan, all commuting and residential students are now being regularly tested for Covid-19.

‘Get in that classroom; hope you don’t die’: UM faculty raise concerns over return to campus

UM faculty are pushing to be given a choice as to whether their classes will be conducted remotely or in-person. Concerned for their own personal health, many feel a return to campus this fall is not the right move.

Here’s what South Florida universities are planning for fall semester

Local universities are facing tough decisions about whether to reopen this fall, and many are forging ahead with either a mixed use of both in-person and online learning or plans to return fully in person. Here are South Florida universities' current plans to reopen during the pandemic.

El coronavirus coloca a los trabajadores de UM bajo riesgo financiero y de salud

Para un miembro del personal de limpieza de la Universidad de Miami, sobrevivir a la pandemia de coronavirus significa elegir entre la vida y continuar recibiendo su salario.

President Frenk unveils plans for racial justice

President Julio Frenk first arrived at the University of Miami in 2015 during a moment when its students, faculty and staff were grappling with racism on its very own campus. Now, five years later, his administration is working once again to move UM towards racial justice.

Coronavirus places UM workers under financial stress, health risk

Amid layoffs, risk of exposure to COVID-19 and threats to their benefits, the University of Miami's subcontracted facilities and dining workers report that they have been hit hard by the pandemic.

Black student leaders present letter to university administration calling for change

Students put together a list of 11 recommendations for the university, including requests to increase the number and retention of Black faculty, staff and students through a strategic hiring plan, to implement diversity and sensitivity training across the university and to allocate more money to infrastructure dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Fall semester to resume in person

In a message sent out to the entire Cane community, President Julio Frenk announced that classes will resume in person starting Aug. 17. However, Frenk says life on campus will not look the same as before.

Black student leaders urge university to act

In an effort to spark action, six Black student leaders gathered for a virtual dialogue over Zoom to deliver a Black State of the Union Address and discuss racial issues persisting at the University of Miami. Here are six takeaways from the event.

Planning to protest this week? Here’s how to do it safely

While the majority of protests have been peaceful so far, protestors must be aware of possible risks including arrest, tear gas, exposure to coronavirus and other possible uncontrollable variables. Here is a guide on how to protest and do so safely.
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