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Get into holiday spirit with best classic, modern Christmas movies

Every year, film fanatics and casual moviegoers alike binge-watch classic holiday films on Netflix. For folks looking to get into the Christmas spirit after stuffing...

Alumni become successful entrepreneurs through resources at UM, Launch Pad

Many students attend the University of Miami to learn how to become entrepreneurs. Miami is a diverse and multicultural city that attracts people from...

Local restaurants to offer Thanksgiving specials

Staying in Miami for Thanksgiving break? You’re in luck. UM student organizations will host festivities to celebrate the holiday away from home, and local...

Casual use of mental health terms causes undue stigmatization

“Oh my God, my professor is bipolar,” the student next to me said. “One day he is in a good mood, the next day...

Graduate student colors columns in Sunset Place

Over the summer, Sunset Place became more than just a mall for one UM Department of Art and Art History graduate student. For Izia...

Skyrocketing price of EpiPens may cause disaster for families

When I was 13, I almost died. My friend gave me a piece of chocolate from Poland, and not knowing at the time that...

Replacement parking garage construction continues as shuttle route changes

Students returning to campus in the fall and hoping for a smooth ride to their respective parking lots were instead welcomed back with lot...

Pokémon Bus provides route to catch ’em all

Pokémon trainers rejoice: there is a cheaper and easier method of hunting Pokémon in town: the PoKéWheels bus. Released in July 2016, Pokémon GO is...
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