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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Alexandra Leon

Senior News Writer


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Program offers advice for student concerns, conflicts

Miami Hurricane reporter Alexandra Leon sat down with the Assistant to Vice President and Ombudsperson Dr. Gail Cole-Avent to discuss her role as the...

On-campus theater offers students more than free films

When Cosford Cinema Director Trae DeLellis plans what movies to screen, he runs into a strange dilemma. The cinema’s odd dichotomy of young college...

A Cultural Snob’s/Hipster’s Guide to the Gables

As you begin your college experience, your orientation leaders bombard you with what to do, see and eat in Coral Gables. With seminars like...

‘Babycakes’ continues to sweeten students’ days

As students bustle through the University of Miami food court, ordering Canes chops, calling out to their friends, discussing weekend plans, one voice rings...

Spice up your Halloweekend at these hot spots

Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience sassy transvestites and UFOs both on screen and in live acts by students. There will be screenings on Friday, Saturday...

Farmers market boosts healthy lifestyle

It’s always the same old story. You want to start eating better, but after a long day you inevitably find yourself stuck on campus...

Phuc Yea

While it's not the first of it's kind, Phuc Yea is the first full scale pop-up to appear in Miami.

RSMAS’ watering hole

Cavernous halls, stuffed sharks, cork message boards, classrooms … and beer? It seems like an odd mix, but marine life, education and brews find perfect...

A Cultural Snob’s/Hipster’s Guide to the Gables

Here’s your guide to the real local scene your hip self has always longed for.

On-campus theater offers students more than free films

The Bill Cosford Cinema is one of the few art cinemas in Miami that caters to a unique local community, and the only one that is free for students.

Students clean up oil spill, help wildlife

On April 20, 2010, an explosion occurred on a BP-leased drilling rig called the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, causing the largest...

School of Communication promotes media in Haiti

One effective way to help Haiti may be by just sitting down and having a conversation. School of Communication community members have discussed the role...
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