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Friday, May 14, 2021

Alexa Langen



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A local’s guide to Miami’s beaches

Whether it’s your first day ever or your first day back, one of the first things you’ll want to do now that you’ve made...

Programming serves as a language

If that French class is full and Chinese doesn’t fit your schedule, you might want to flip through the computer science or engineering course...

SAT requires preparational changes

Diaphanous, ephemeral, hackneyed, ignominious – once known (and dreaded) as “SAT words,” these arcane adjectives are now just, well, words. Or so they will be...

Excessive apologizing won’t win respect

By the time I had to tutor on the day after my oral surgery, I had not recovered quite as much as I’d hoped....

Start boycotting the word, literally

When I heard someone say, “He literally bit my head off,” I did a double take so fast that my skull nearly wrenched free...

Take part in the evolution of English

While most New Year’s resolutions seem to entail caring more—about family, health or charitable causes—mine requires caring less, specifically about grammatical mistakes. That’s right. By...

Ringworm experience teaches valuable lessons

After returning to the familiarity of the school year, some students will look back on their summers and feel grateful for the future security...
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