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‘It could have been me.’ Asian American students respond to recent hate crimes

“I do not feel comfortable going off campus alone."

In lieu of spring break, students get day off for first Wellness Wednesday

In an attempt to make up for the lack of spring break and other in-person functions this semester, the University of Miami hosted the first of two Wellness Wednesdays on March 3.

Remote students return to campus: ‘I appreciate so much more’

“I have to accept that this is the way that the world is going to be for a while and I can’t put my life on hold forever.”

Professor Q&A: Why do we have an Electoral College?

In the wake of the election, The Hurricane sat down with Max Fraser, an associate history professor at UM, to discuss the history of the electoral college and its potential future.

Students forced to move out of dorms to create additional quarantine rooms

Students in single rooms on the sixth and seventh floors of Mahoney Residential College, a residential dorm at the University of Miami, had to be quickly relocated in order to create more isolation and quarantine rooms.

Guide to 2020 state and local elections

While this November’s election is largely known for the two presidential candidates, there are still many important races and propositions that can be voted on in the 27th Congressional District of Florida.

How COVID affects religious organizations at UM

As the University of Miami continues to respond to the pandemic, Father Phillip Tran the university's full-time chaplain at St. Augustine Parish says UM's religious organizations are also concerned about the spiritual health of the student body.
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