‘Ultra part two on UM’s campus’: EQ Collective brings EDM festival to campus

Steve Matousek, president of EQ Collective, DJs a showcase on Lakeside Patio.
Steve Matousek, president of EQ Collective, DJs a showcase on Lakeside Patio. Photo credit: Anthony Miles

Students seeking an EDM rave, a performance from a viral DJ, art exhibits, pizza and ice cream or a place to play video games can turn to EQ Collective’s After Glow festival.

On April 30, from 4 to 11 p.m. EQ Collective will take over the Foote Green with performances from headliner Wuki, a nationally recognized DJ, in addition to several student DJs, including SAEVEN, GR33N JUIC3, FISHY FLAKES, REY MORALES, ALEX GREEN, SMURF, NOAH BROOKS and DNL-K.

The DJs bring a variety of styles including Reggaeton, 2010 “club bangers,” Latin music, hip hop and experimental bass along with the conventional EDM varieties.

“It’s going to be something that people aren’t really going to forget,” said Steve Matousek, a fifth year electrical engineering major at the University of Miami and president of Equalizer (EQ) Collective. “Controlled chaos.”

With a budget of $50,000, the festival grounds will include the largest stage UM’s Foote Green has seen at 32 feet by 25 feet, in addition to extensive lights and visuals. This is EQ Collective’s biggest event of the year and in the history of the club.

As a result, the push to make this festival special is palpable.

“It’s a wide range of experience. We’ve got a lot of people who are going to bring in a bunch of different genres and make the music as accessible as possible,” Matousek said. “Something that everyone, regardless of what music they listen to, can come and enjoy.”

EQ Collective’s After Glow festival will take place on the Foote Green on April 30.
EQ Collective’s After Glow festival will take place on the Foote Green on April 30. Photo credit: Anthony Miles

EQ Collective wants After Glow to incorporate some elements of other famous EDM festivals while keeping the unique spin of the “vibe garden,” an immersive art experience that will be included in the festival grounds and can be enjoyed during performances.

“We’re taking our inspiration from festivals like EDC,” said Devon Green, vice president and social chair of EQ Collective.

Last year was EQ Collective’s first festival at UM, but COVID-19 restrictions prevented the festival from reaching its full potential. This year, that is no longer an issue.

The festival takes place the day following HP Productions’ ‘Cane’s Carnival. In the spirit of healthy competition, EQ Collective wants to put on the best festival possible.

“Our plan is to come in the day after they do their spring concert and put on a better spring concert,” Matousek said. “We figured we have to upstage them somehow.”

For some student DJs, this is their first time performing at a major venue.

“Most of my performances have been at small house parties that my friends have booked me for,” sophomore DJ Rey Morales said. “Now I’m ready for it, an experience on a bigger stage.”

Noah Brooks, a freshman DJ and economics major, will also get his first major performance experience at After Glow.

“I’m hoping to have a high energy set. Should bring the dance floor down,” Brooks said.

“It should be music that when you listen to it you can feel good and it makes you want to move around, move freely,” Rey Morales said.

Many of the DJs are putting on sets that alternate between high energy pieces, more mellow pieces and experimental pieces. With this structure, there will be music for any type of audience member.

“If you had a good time at Ultra, this is going to be Ultra part two on UM’s campus. We’re bringing in some incredible production, some incredible artists. It’s going to be unforgettable,” Matousek said. “We’re looking forward to giving people an awesome Saturday night.”