Vehicle caught on fire in UM parking garage

Pavia Garage, where a vehicle burst into flames on Monday, pictured on Feb. 25, 2022. Photo credit: Jared Lennon

Flames and smoky fumes moved through UM’s Pavia garage as a vehicle caught on fire on the morning of Feb. 21.

Given the potential dangers, Pavia and Ibis garages were both evacuated as a result of the fire. Students with vehicles were given the option to use yellow, white and green lots for alternative parking.

“I think UM handled the fire situation very quickly and in a safe manner by blocking the entrances to the garage and having the firefighters there in a matter of minutes,” freshman Melanie Martinez said.

The university’s Office of Emergency Management updated students via their social media platforms about when they were allowed to reenter the building.

“At first I was very nervous because I was scared my car would be affected or worse that it was my car,” freshman Lauren Ferrer said. “As a commuter student my car is my literal lifeline so if something were to happen it would mess with everything.”

Police have since given the all clear. Causes for the fire and how it initiated have not yet been announced. No people were injured.

For more information, contact UM ENN alerts.