Hurricanes on Ice: Figure skating in the 305

A graphic depicting an ice-skating rink. Photo credit: iStock
A graphic depicting an ice-skating rink.
A graphic depicting an ice-skating rink. Photo credit: iStock

Despite Miami’s sweltering weather and sunny skies, Hurricanes on Ice: UM Figure Skating Club (UMFSC) gives UM students a chance to hit the ice and explore the world of figure skating in the 305.

“It adds a sport that Miami typically does not have and offers a community for figure skaters who have come to UM for college,” said Aliya Redd, president of UMFSC and a senior majoring in biochemistry and nutrition.

UM’s only figure skating club is open to competitive and non-competitive skaters and offers group workout classes, private ice skating sessions and other figure skating related activities. Due to COVID-19, the organization was forced to cancel most 2020 events, however, they are now partnering with UM club sports to host open biweekly practices and competitions.

“Normally, the figure skating club would have off-ice conditioning, meetings, skating practices and competitions, if the club members decided they were interested in that,” said Ainsley Vetter, secretary of UMFSC and a sophomore majoring in public relations and broadcasting journalism. “Due to Covid, our club was unable to meet for a very long time and we are still figuring out how we can get together and skate on a consistent basis,” Vetter continued.

Vetter says that UMFSC decided not to travel for competitions during the pandemic. The organization does not currently meet regularly but leaders like Vetter are working to plan activities according to members’ schedules at locations like the Kendall Ice Arena, UMFSC’s primary practice facility.

UMFSC serves to develop the skills of current figure skaters while offering those interested in the sport with limited experience a chance to learn the basics. In prior years, the organization represented UM at the United States Figure Skating Association’s intercollegiate competitions.


Given that UM does not have an official figure skating program, UMFSC works to give figure skaters a chance to hone their skills and compete in Miami while building their character and growing as individuals.

“I encourage anyone of any level to try out for the skating team,” Vetter said. “Figure skating is something that has built my character. It is the sport that truly made me the person I am today. Figure skating will teach you lessons far beyond just being an athlete.”

Students interested in participating in UMFSC can find more information on the organization on Engage.