Student opinion on new Canelink layout divided one week since launch

The new Canelink student portal homepage, which launched last week to mixed reviews from students. The addition of a mental health tab on the site's front page, however, has been celebrated for providing students easier access to support. Photo credit: University of Miami

Last week, a brand new version of CaneLink was introduced to students featuring a new-look interface with a more polished aesthetic and a schedule builder designed to help students manage their obligations.

The new and improved CaneLink was designed to replace the student portal that the university says deserved a “long needed overhaul.” However, even a full week after the updated interface’s launch, many students say they were unaware the change had been implemented.

Others say the new CaneLink, which was designed to enhance the website’s mobile compatibility, is even harder to maneuver than the previous one.

“I do not enjoy the new interface because I found it more difficult to navigate,” said Sophia Ashiqueali, a junior majoring in computer science. “I liked how the old CaneLink displayed all of the links on the homepage so that we could navigate to sites, such as JobX, easily.”

Chantel Omene, a sophomore majoring in psychology, says the CaneLink update caught her by surprise because she never saw the need for a change.

“What was wrong with the old one? This just looks more complicated,” said Omene.

Some students, however, say they see CaneLink 2.0 as an improvement on the website’s old layout.

Junior psychology major Cassandra Michel, says she feels the revamped CaneLink is more pleasing to the eye and easier to access.

“I remember when I first applied to UM and saw CaneLink, it was kind of ugly,” Michel said. “I like that it’s more visually appealing.”

Michel also says she appreciates the addition of a mental health tab on the portal’s homepage.

“I love the mental health addition as well because there’s such a need for it,” Michel said.

Okera Hastings, a junior majoring in environmental engineering, says updating CaneLink was essential.

“It was a well needed update, everything is very accessible,” Hastings said. “The only thing is that it’s hard to find the portal for JobX. Otherwise, I really like it. It’s very, very nice.”