Email to UM students and faculty alleging malpractice, sexual harassment at medical school quickly deleted from Miami inboxes

An email sent to various University of Miami employees, students, President Julio Frenk and other administrators alleging malpractice, sexual harassment, insurance fraud and corruption disappeared from the email inboxes of university affiliates less than 24 hours after it was sent out on Oct. 5. The allegations have not been substantiated in any way.

Christian Rodriguez, listed as a clinical business operations representative on UM’s employee directory, sent the email Tuesday evening from his university email to dozens of news outlets and UM affiliates.

When asked for comment on Rodriguez’s allegations, the University of Miami issued the following statement:

“We do not comment on personnel matters. All complaints brought to our attention are taken seriously and thoroughly investigated.”

The university did not address the sudden removal of the email from the inboxes of the students and faculty that received it.

Students and professors who received the email say that it was no longer in their inboxes Wednesday morning. Rodriguez has not yet returned TMH’s requests for comment.

The rambling and sometimes incoherent 62-page document, littered with typos and grammatical errors, covers a wide range of alleged illicit activity at the medical school and outside the university. Rodriguez claims that several health practitioners and leaders within the UHealth System colluded with pharmaceutical companies to sell more expensive drugs without regard for the patient’s needs. All allegations of fraud and malpractice within UHealth are unsubstantiated.

The contents of the document are written in various sizes, colors and fonts. The information is not organized in any apparent order and none of the claims have any corresponding evidence.

Rodriguez alleges that his spouse, a patient access supervisor at UHealth and his direct superior, sexually harassed him within UHealth facilities. He then claims that his employers urged him to keep his allegations in-house. These allegations are also unsubstantiated.

The document contains images of what Rodriguez claims are emails between pharmaceutical representatives and UHealth representatives and links to numerous articles surrounding various university scandals over the course of the past 10 years.

The allegations were made on behalf of a supposed organization called Truth Prevails United States Citizens Alliance Against Corruption/Crime. There are no records of the organization’s existence or operation other than a Twitter account with 103 followers and a YouTube channel with zero uploads.

The document claims that after being granted whistleblower protection after coming forward with allegations of fraud within UHealth, Rodriguez was retaliated against and discredited. Again, no evidence was provided to substantiate the various allegations.

According to his marriage certificate, Christian Rodriguez was born in Miami and married his alleged abuser in December 2018. He is a Miami resident. Rodriguez has worked at UHealth for more than three years, according to his LinkedIn profile, and was named a clinical business operations representative in December of 2019.

This story is still developing and will continue to be updated as more information is made available.