Student Government facilitates return of Lime, increased dining options

Lime Mexican Grill reopens for the spring semester thanks to Student Government.
Lime Mexican Grill reopens for the spring semester thanks to Student Government initiative. Photo credit: Ally Gaddy

Many students were disappointed to find that campus favorites such as Lime and Pura Vida were closed for the spring semester when they returned to campus. After receiving feedback from students, members of Student Government made deals and were able to bring back a few dining options.

“When we found out before the semester started that a lot of different establishments were going to continue to be closed on campus, we knew that students were going to be upset about it,” stated Student Government President Abigail Adeleke. “We knew that Lime especially was a hot spot for students and we knew once we brought it back that a lot of students were going to rush towards it.”

According to Adeleke, establishments such as Einstein Bros Bagels, Lime and Pura Vida were closed based on the trends of where students were spending the most money during the fall semester.

Due to COVID, many students and professors decided to remain remote, which resulted in declining business for restaurants such as Sebastian’s Cafe, Fitberry, The Archivist and Burger 305. However, after hearing that many students were disappointed with the closing of certain restaurants, Student Government worked with Vice President for Student Affairs Patricia Whitely and Executive of Auxiliary Services Ana Alvarez to come up with a solution.

“It was actually Ana Alvarez’s idea to add Pura Vida-style food to the Corner Deli,” Adeleke said.

Students have been happy with the reopening of the restaurants.

“I am honestly very happy that Lime is back,” said sophomore Mario Gordon. “Lime is a late-night hangout that you go to when the dining hall is not open. Especially on Friday nights when the dining hall closes at 7 p.m., Lime is the go-to. ”

Students also said they think the concept of having Pura Vida style food at the Corner Deli was a clever solution.

“Corner Deli is like an upgraded dining hall and the new options are really top tier,” said sophomore Taylor Rose. “It’s great to have the variety again. The few weeks Lime and Corner Deli were out of commission really showed.”

UM also added Smoothie King and a waffle-themed restaurant Daybreak this semester.

As for the future of dining, Adeleke invites students to continue using their voices and communicating with Student Government.

“If anyone has any concerns related to dining, please let us know. The more that we understand how students are feeling about dining on campus, the more we can react and change,” Adeleke said. “Continue to eat on campus so that we can continue to see these amazing establishments flourish on campus.”