‘One more time’: Celebrating Daft Punk’s biggest hits

Photo credit: "Daft Punk @ Monterrey 2Nov07" by sauxeda

Fans and music critics alike are mourning the end of long-time music duo Daft Punk, whose publicist Kathryn Frazier confirmed their retirement on Monday, Feb. 22. Despite hiding their faces behind silver and gold robotic masks for the duration of their career, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are some of the most recognizable names in music of the last three decades.

At the cultural pinnacle of EDM music festival culture, Daft Punk’s achievements include six Grammy Awards, two Billboard Music Awards and six International Dance Music Awards. In 2015, Rolling Stone ranked the group as one of the 20 Greatest Duos of All Time.

One of the most accomplished and celebrated careers in modern electronic music, The Miami Hurricane is taking a look back at some of the defining tracks of their 28- year-long rule. From certified club collaborations with Pharrell Williams and the Weeknd to number one hits on Billboard’s dance music charts, Daft Punk has a song for everyone.

Below are some of the iconic tracks that helped define Daft Punk’s career.

“Da Funk” (1995)

“Da Funk” is house music at its finest. Their first major smash across borders, this hit set the stage for what was to come. “Da Funk” is a blissful mix between cutting-edge funk and dance ecstasy.

“Around the World” (1997)

One of the moments that launched the duo to international success, this track is a staple for any dance club. The song’s accompanying music video is one of the most unforgettable of the 90s.

“One More Time” (2000)

One of the most recognizable singles in their discography, “One More Time” was a critical hit for the duo. Five and a half minutes of euphoria, “One More Time” is Daft Punk at their greatest. Who knew that the start of the century would come with such an impactful club banger?

“Harder Faster Better Stronger” (2001)

An acclaimed single off of the duo’s second studio album “Discovery,” “Harder Faster Better Stronger” won a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. It inspired a variety of famous remixes and cover versions from artists such as Kanye West, Smash Mouth and Diplo.

“Robot Rock” (2005)

A rougher, rockstar attitude suits the French duo, and “Robot Rock” has performed well among all of the duo’s festival sets. This era also helped define Daft Punk’s shimmering character appearance that fans have come to love.

“Get Lucky” with Pharrell Williams (2013)

A song that everyone knows, “Get Lucky” was played in every club, restaurant, school dance and party of 2013. The winner for Record of the Year at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, the song was, and will forever be, a certified smash.

“I Feel It Coming”/”Starboy” with the Weeknd (2016)

A collaboration between two of the largest names in modern music was certain to be a hit. “Starboy” finally helped the duo achieve their first Billboard Hot 100 number one in the United States, which was without a doubt well-deserved and overdue.

Featured image: “Daft Punk @ Monterrey 2Nov07” by sauxeda.