UM expands dining options with smoothies and all-day breakfast locations

Smoothie King offers 27 different smoothie blends along with to go snacks.
Smoothie King offers 27 different smoothie blends along with to-go snacks. Photo credit: Alex Carnochan

Last year’s addition of Lakeside Village is now changing the dining options on campus at the University of Miami. The new restaurants in Lakeside are Smoothie King, which opened earlier this semester, and an all-day breakfast joint called Daybreak, which is set to open in a few weeks.

Prior to Smoothie King, Jamba Juice had been the campus smoothie spot since the 90s. However, the decrease in sales highlighted a loss of student interest, and Jamba Juice was no longer being recognized by students from other parts of the country, according to executive director of auxiliary services Ana Alvarez.

“We did a really involved student group…we started to get to kind of get the bottom of what were things that students would want to see,” Alvarez said. “We knew smoothies were important…and a lot of discussions around a good smoothie concept.”

Senior political science major Miranda Persuad said she is excited about the addition.

“I love Smoothie King,” Persuad said. “I was pretty happy to hear that they were opening a Smoothie King on campus.”

Alvarez said Smoothie King is a suitable replacement because it is highly recognized and was recommended by the campus population.

“We met with them and felt that they were the right concept…The students all agreed,” Alvarez said.

Smoothie King prides itself on being all-natural with no artificial flavors, syrups and uses organic fruits and vegetables. Alvarez explained that these were concepts that resonated with students.

“Their corporate responsibility was also very important to the students,” Alvarez said. “We didn’t feel like Jamba Juice had kept that pace.”

Alvarez also explained that Smoothie King offers “meal replacement alternatives,” which means people drink a smoothie for their whole meal.

“Plenty of students want a full meal replacement…Smoothie king offers that,” Alvarez said. “We go to conferences, we hear about this stuff, and it is very relevant. You don’t have to have your traditional meat and potatoes meal to feel satisfied.”

Alvarez said the initial opening has been successful.

Smoothie King, located in Lakeside Village, is open until 9:30 p.m. every day of the week.
Smoothie King, located in Lakeside Village, is open until 9:30 p.m. every day of the week. Photo credit: Alex Carnochan

The other restaurant, Daybreak, coined from the phrase “all-day breakfast” is an original idea by the UM Dining team.

After getting a second space at Lakeside with cooking allowances, students were invited to give input on what foodery they believed was missing on campus. An all-day breakfast concept with a modern diner vibe was a recommendation agreed upon by the student panel.

Inspired by the popular Tasty recipe videos, Daybreak is set to incorporate “healthy and fun ideas” with the heavy use of waffle irons for a “variety of easy to-go ideas,” according to Alvarez.

“I’m pretty excited,” Persuad said. “I really feel that our campus needs to have more restaurant options, so I’m looking forward to seeing what choices Daybreak is going to have for us.”

Ashley Phillips, a sophomore majoring in nursing agreed with Persuad.

“I’m super excited,” Phillips said. “I don’t know much about it, but I know that it’s going to provide waffles, which I love.”

Alvarez explained that students had input in developing the restaurant.

The interior of Daybreak is set to be contemporary and fun, with light fixtures that look like waffle irons and a wall with neon lights.

Daybreak is expected to open this semester. The opening menu is still being finalized.