Moving forward

Dear V,

The majority of my friend group has been attending frat parties, clubs and anywhere else that COVID-19 could be brewing. While I have put my health and safety first by staying at home, it seems I lost those closest to me in exchange. Are these friendships worth fighting for even if I will most likely end up battling COVID-19 because of them?


Sick of It

With more than 443,000 people dead and 22 million jobs lost, this pandemic has taken away so much from our world. However, no one seems to give attention to the relationships that have suffered and died, as if COVID-19 has somehow also infected our connections.

I commend you for doing what is right. By staying at home, you have not only protected yourself, but the greater UM community and beyond.

“Well, everyone else is going out, so I might as well go out since staying at home probably makes no difference.”

I disagree. While it is true that COVID-19 leads to hospitalizations and deaths more frequently in those who are middle-aged or older, there are still many reasons why college students should practice preventative moves in order to lower their chance of getting or spreading the virus.

This pandemic is testing our relationships like never before. We’re losing friends left and right because we have new non-negotiable standards. While it’s possible that these relationships will repair themselves in time, it’s impossible to “unsee” baffling behavior.

When I see pics of friends huddled together at SQL or the latest frat party, frankly, I’m pissed. What the f**k are you doing?

I’m not saying I’m always right about everything, even though most of the time I am. I’m just saying that in this life-and-death situation we are currently in, if you want to set some boundaries, do it.

Until this nightmare ends, the key is surrounding yourself (metaphorically not literally) with like-minded people. This means that some of your old pals with opposing views will have to fall by the wayside, but so be it.

Take your vitamins, wear your mask, and be safe.