Role play

Dear V

I read your article about your must have sex toys, but you seem to have forgotten that most college students are cheap. Are there any other ways you can recommend getting kinky without having to spend money?


Banging on a Budget

There are endless ways to spice up your sex life, and not all of them require contorting your body or purchasing expensive sex toys to make things extra steamy. I’m talking about role play.

Role play offers a vacation from reliving the same exact day over and over since the pandemic started. You can re-write your own sexual history, bring a fantasy to life, or be sexual in a way different from your norm. There will be initial awkwardness, but this doesn’t eliminate the possibility of the best sex you have ever had

Before engaging in any sort of role play, you must remember the golden rule of sex: communicate. Grab takeout and a bottle of wine with your partner for a sex date. Have a conversation about what kinds of fantasies you have been masturbating to and create boundaries.

It’s okay if your fantasy is totally weird. We are all sickos turned on by the taboo. Just make sure there is a safe word in order to let your partner know that something has become overwhelming, frightening or is not working for you. Make sure it is a word that is far from normal language you would use with your partner in the bedroom

Need some ideas?

1. Pretend your “Delivery Dude” actually wants to give you the tip.

2. After your “RA” performs a room inspection, ask if they need to do a body inspection.

3. Let your “doctor” swab you for Covid-19 using an unorthodox technique.

Use your imagination to create scenes and get yourself hot without having to purchase any unnecessary props. You don’t necessarily need to buy anything to make a fantasy happen. Upcycle your Halloween costume into a sexy role play fit. Why spend money on a costume you can only wear once? Or for my STEM majors, put on that lab coat and experiment with some real chemistry.

Happy Humping,