Trying to stay productive during quarantine

Kylea Henseler
Miami, FL

Trying to stay productive during quarantine.

Hey guys, I’m Kylea! I’m a junior studying public relations, marketing and sports physiology and currently living alone with my cat because my roommate went home for break and never returned (she’s fine though). I’m still in Miami, somewhat against my parents wishes, but if I’m going to ride out a pandemic I might as well do it somewhere warm.

All in all I think Miami is handling the situation as best they can, closing down nonessential businesses and starting a curfew. There’s significantly less traffic out on the roads, and my hope is that people are taking this as seriously as they should be around here.

Being away from my family is definitely starting to suck, but I think staying in Miami was the right decision for everybody. My grandmother lives with us back home, so the last thing I wanted was to bring something back with me from the airport. That, and the fact that studying at my house would probably be close to impossible.

I haven’t gone crazy here just yet, but we’ll see what happens once the toilet paper my friend stole for me from the dorms runs out (just kidding…mostly). For now I’m trying to get through the quarantine by staying productive, and I’ve focused on trying to run every day, cook decent foods and catch up on all the movies I said I was going to watch but never did.

I also started prepping for the LSAT, because there’s nothing like complete social isolation to make studying two hours a day for a life-altering test sound relatively desirable. With online classes starting, I’ve been able to get into a pretty decent routine. I’m not even going to lie; getting my participation credits in while making dinner in my underpants is pretty great. I didn’t think I would like Zoom but I guess I’m a fan.

That’s all from me for now, stay tuned to see some pictures of my cat and read more of my inner monologue as I try to keep myself entertained in the midst of all this stuff.

Stay classy UMiami.

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