Quarantine memes to make you laugh

While coronavirus takes its toll on the world, millions of Americans are at home self-quarantining, many spending hours on their phone or laptop browsing different social media platforms. Because we are collectively facing this pandemic, it’s one of those rare times where people around the world flock to the internet and learn to bond with each other online, finding hope and solace in their digital interactions.

Comedy is a way that people can connect to each other during times of crisis. In true millenial and Gen-Z fashion, the memes circulating the internet right now have been nothing short of hilarious, with people using social media to discuss coronavirus and the shift in how our institutions operate.

On Facebook, groups such as “UM Memes for Boujee Party Teens” and “Zoom Memes for Self Quaranteens” are where college students compile and share most of the funniest memes. These groups, which already have a high participation rate throughout the year, are experiencing much more activity as students are posting and connecting more.

Here’s a list of funny coronavirus-related tweets and memes, and we hope at least one of them will make you chuckle.

The virus vs. the U

It’s safe to say that we all miss UM right now. Being inside or home away from Miami really makes us all appreciate our campus a little more

Ok, the food in the dining hall isn’t THAT bad, but if you can probably handle UM’s food then you can handle anything. But was accidentally biting into that raw chicken really worth immunity?

The virus vs. going outside

The repercussions of going without our favorite Starbucks blend is something that a lot of us didn’t think about it when this whole thing started, but it’s hitting us hard now. We have to utilize our home coffee machines. Oh the horror!

Being inside is making us miss the simpler times like window shopping in Target for things we don’t need. We can try online but nothing comes close to physically wandering around the store and wasting your money on scented soaps and home decor.

If there’s any drink we would risk our lives for, it would be bubble tea. But it’s important to practice social distancing, so don’t risk it all for some boba, no matter how much you want to.

The virus vs. responsibilities

Who else wants to sleep all day and do nothing? We’re right there with you.

There are so many things to focus on and lots of free time to think, yet it doesn’t feel like we have enough mental space to focus on anything. Being a student is tough, especially now.

The commute to class just got a lot shorter. Now, we attend school from bed, with a snack in one hand and a phone in the other.

Plus… Bingo!

Fun bingo templates have been circulating around Instagram and they sure are a great way to pass the time. Check out this one from UM’s Filipino Student Association.

Students are using these memes as a way of coping with the rapid changes their in academic and campus lives. Junior Mattingly Bartole said social media memes and challenges have even helped her remain involved in campus organizations.

“With campus being closed it’s a lot harder for organizations, especially smaller ones to maintain interest so these challenges are entertaining and fun and I love to see the joy it brings people,” said the neuroscience major.