How coronavirus is impacting my family

Anna Timmons
Managing Editor
Miami, FL

How coronavirus is impacting my family

Two months ago, I was sitting in my politics of China class discussing the novel coronavirus with my professor, an expert on all things China, worried for our world and the future to come. Cases were rising quickly there and huge metropolises were shutting down, but from across the world in Miami, I felt safe. Looking back, I never could have imagined we’d be in the place that we’re at now.

My name is Anna and I will be covering the coronavirus over the next few weeks from Miami. I was born and raised right here in sunny South Florida, just 20 minutes southwest from the University of Miami campus. Like many of you, I am navigating life in this new world, adapting to Facetime hangouts and class from bed.

Through this blog, I will be sharing my experience, as well as that of those around me in the face of the coronavirus.

While everyone has surely been affected by the coronavirus, it seems my family has been especially impacted. My mom is an elementary school teacher, and she is adapting to online instruction with her class of 27 second graders, while my sister and brother, both healthcare workers, are on the frontlines in the hospital.

Me, I will be riding out this pandemic from the comfort of my home, social distancing as best as I know how, while occasionally indulging in delivery food to support the local businesses and restaurants I grew up with.

Like most of us, I am hoping this time of quarantine and isolation will end soon. Today especially so, as I celebrate my 20th birthday far from my friends and loved ones.

Until that time comes, I will be making the most of the weeks (or likely months) I have at home and documenting my new life under quarantine.

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