Entry one: A guide to an unexpected self-quarantine

Day 10 of quarantine:

You never realize how infinite 14 days are until you’ve sat at home in self-quarantine during your entire Spring Break. I was supposed to be studying religion abroad on the URome program this semester. Six weeks in, the coronavirus devastated Italy and every school was shut down. So, here I am, quarantined back in my home in Miami, per UM’s restrictions. Luckily, I’m here to tell you all the meaningless things I do to pass the time.

After my study abroad program in Rome was canceled, I returned home and entered quarantine.
After her study abroad program in Rome was canceled, Grace Harrington returned home and entered quarantine. Photo credit: Grace Harrington

My first piece of advice, if you are unlucky enough to find yourself in my position, is to watch those shows and movies you were always meaning to watch but never did. I watched Parasite with my dad the other day. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it. I’m also catching up on the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The Bachelor was one of the few silver linings to coming home early. I was so excited to see how that train would wreck, but it really turned out to be disappointing. So, in hopes to replace my Bachelor, I gave Love is Blind a shot. It’s alright, if you’re truly bored, give it a watch.

Second, keep doing your hobby. Most of us do social hobbies like playing an instrument, dancing, drinking, going to the gym, intramural sports, etc. Being quarantined is really isolating, so forgetting about doing these activities is not helping your mental health. If you can, find ways to do your hobby solo. I play in a symphonic band, but now I will just have to practice on my own.

Third, play with your pup (hopefully you have one). Now that WHO let the dogs out by declaring them incapable of contracting coronavirus, spend time with your pets. Every day I take my dog, Rocket, outside to play soccer. He’s a pomeranian mix who loves everyone he meets and never leaves my side. Just going outside and running with Rocket for a few minutes really improves my mood.

Harrington's dog, Rocket, is keeping her company during her quarantine.
Harrington's dog, Rocket, is keeping her company during her quarantine. Photo credit: Grace Harrington

Next, annoy your parents. If you’re like me, you got sent home to your parents’ house. I ask them to bring me home fast food because it’s like I’m serving house arrest. Chick-fil-a, I miss you the most. I’ve asked my dad to bring me home a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake, still waiting on that request.

Finally, repeat these steps all day every day until your quarantine is over. Blogging is a new pastime in my quarantine, so if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to snacking, playing video games, watching TV, and playing with my dog.

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