Read, Watch, Listen: Valentine’s Day Edition

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Read : “Emma” by Jane Austen

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If any of you have seen “Clueless,” (the 1995 teen film that gave us “you’re a virgin who can’t drive”) you will definitely recognize this novel’s plot line. This hilarious story follows the matchmaking antics of Emma Woodhouse, a young socialite of the 1810’s. Our heroine meddles in the love lives of her friends, causing heartache all around. Jane Austen’s witty storytelling places you within the social complexities of the era and offers a laugh at the expense of this well-meaning member of the elite. If you love this story, keep an eye on the upcoming film adaptation, set to release on Feb. 21.

Watch: “The Princess Bride” directed by Rob Reiner (based on the novel by William Goldman)

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While considering this movie as purely romantic is inconceivable, the fairytale love story is endearing. The madcap adventures accompanying the romance make “The Princess Bride” a delightful film that has survived the test of time. This 1987 blockbuster has become a cult favorite across demographic and generational lines. For those of you who may be sitting at home on Valentine’s Day trying to forget that you’re not out with a S.O., I think this is a great option. Inigo Montoya is the only man for me.

Listen: “Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi” by ROSALÍA & Ozuna

Spanish flamenco and Puerto Rican reggaeton join forces in this Caribbean-soul single. Rosalía and Ozuna croon over their emotional and musical chemistry in their ‘ride-or-die’ themed lyrics. For anyone looking for an anthem to share with their partner in crime, “Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi” is sure to be a success. My favorite part of this song is the background string of steel drum melodies. The sound is light and groovy, perfect for every environment, from the beach to the club.