Experimenting outside of the lab

Dear V,

For the first time in my life, I am confused about my sexuality. Having always identified as straight, I unexpectedly started to notice girls a lot more. I am curious what it would be like to be with a woman not only sexually, but also romantically. How would I explore this?


Not So Straight

Dear Not So Straight,

With the annual Monster Mash officially over, there will be no more late nights working in the lab for me. So many straight women have tested the waters with me that I’m beginning to think I’m a prerequisite for STEM majors. Each time I get put under the heterosexual microscope, it counts for a lab credit. Honestly, I understand why straight women are so easily impressed by me; it’s not their fault they have to date men.

Earlier this fall, a friendship with the strictly dickly girl across the hall morphed into an unexpected sexual tension. Our platonic snuggling evolved into giving each other hickies which progressively got hotter and heavier. Feelings naturally developed between late night visits to the Botanical Gardens and our first romantic kiss in the Frost practice rooms. However, I found myself emotionally exhausted and caught up in a relationship which she could not sort for herself. After an open conversation, we agreed that it would be better for the both of us to be friends.

This is real life where you affect real people. No one wants to be the guinea pig in your sexuality quest, even though our college years make it seem acceptable. Before exploring with a partner, I recommend jumping down the sapphic online rabbit hole whether it’s PG-13 or XXX movies. If you’re experimenting with someone, my advice is to be honest with your expectations and make sure your partner is not only comfortable with the situation but also their own sexuality. Rather than trying to mold yourself to a specific sexual identity, allow yourself to experience freely. Even if you don’t find your curiosity matching reality, you are going to wish you could. Women are that amazing.