Miami vs Virginia Tech Live Blog

Miami (2-2, 0-1) looks to get its third win of the season against Virginia Tech (2-2, 0-2) Saturday afternoon.

Follow along with our live scoring summary below:

First quarter (9:48): Miami 0, Virginia Tech 7: Hendon Hooker scores on a 12-yard touchdown run.

First quarter (3:19): Miami 0, Virginia Tech 14: Hooker passes to Dalton Keene for a 20 yard touchdown pass.

First quarter (2:16): Miami 0, Virginia Tech 21: James Mitchell scores on a one-yard touchdown run.

First quarter update:

The Hurricanes started cold, throwing interceptions on three consecutive drives, and fumbling on their fourth and last drive of the first quarter. Hendon Hooker scored one on the ground and one in the air, leading the Hokies to a 21-0 lead at the end of the first quarter. The Hurricanes will now look to sophomore quarterback N’Kosi Perry to lead them as they attempt to get on the board in the second quarter.

Quarterback Jarren Williams (15) threw three interceptions on three drives in the first quarter before being replaced by N'Kosi Perry. Photo credit: Josh Halper

Second quarter (9:30): Miami 0, Virginia Tech 28: Keene scores on a 17-yard touchdown pass from Hooker.

Second quarter (00:00): Miami 7, Virginia Tech 28: Mark Pope scores on a 38-yard touchdown pass from N’Kosi Perry.

N'Kosi Perry's pass bounced off the hands of Will Mallory (85) before Mark Pope (8) was able to make the catch for the touchdown. Photo credit: Josh Halper

Second quarter update:

Miami struggled to generate offense in the second quarter, finishing their only red zone possession with an interception. However, with no time left on the clock, N’Kosi Perry completed a 38-yard prayer to Mark Pope after the ball ricochet off the hands of teammate Will Mallory. Virginia Tech also found the end zone once this quarter on a 17-yard pass to Keene, his second of the game, and leads Miami 28-7 at the half.

Third quarter (9:38): Miami 14, Virginia Tech 28: Brevin Jordan scores on a six-yard touchdown pass from Perry.

N'Kosi Perry has thrown two touchdowns since replacing Williams at quarterback. The redshirt sophomore is playing in his second game this season. Photo credit: Josh Halper

Third quarter update:

The Hurricanes picked it up on defense, allowing zero points in the third quarter and forcing the Hokies to finish with multiple 3 and outs. On offense, Miami showed some life as N’Kosi Perry completed the only touchdown of the third quarter to Brevin Jordan. Miami will look to keep up this defensive prowess as they try to mount a comeback here in the fourth quarter.

Fourth quarter (12:43): Miami 14, Virginia Tech 35: Keene scores on a 5-yard touchdown pass from Hooker.

Fourth quarter (7:03): Miami 21, Virginia Tech 35: Perry throws a 13-yard touchdown pass to Jeff Thomas.

Fourth quarter (4:55): Miami 29, Virginia Tech 35: Thomas scores on a 26-yard touchdown pass from Perry. DeeJay Dallas scores on a two-point conversion.

Fourth quarter (3:16): Miami 35, Virginia Tech 35: DeeJay Dallas scores on a 62-yard touchdown run. Bubba Baxa misses the PAT.

Fourth quarter (1:03): Miami 35, Virginia Tech 42: DeShawn McClease scores on a 3-yard touchdown run.

Final update:

After giving up a quick touchdown early in the fourth quarter, the Hurricanes roared back, scoring three unanswered touchdowns of their own. However, with less than two minutes on the clock, Miami ceded another touchdown and were unable to capitalize on their last possession, falling 42-35 to the Hokies.

Miami will face #23 Virginia next Friday, Oct. 11 at Hard Rock Stadium.