Incoming graduate students display talents in Wynwood

Located in Wynwood, The University of Miami Gallery has opened an exhibit that displays the work of incoming graduate students.

“The incoming show has artwork that students used to enter the program,” said Milly Cardoso, UM’s gallery director. “It comes from their portfolios. [Now] they have two more years to create more pieces.”

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As of Sept. 14, The University of Miami Art Gallery is now open to the public. Photo credit: Sydney Boyo

The gallery— which consists of the paintings, ceramics, printmaking and sculptures of seven different students— is open every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and will continue running until Sept. 26.

Jessica Dehen, one of the featured painters, expressed her gratitude.

“It is extremely exciting to be featured in UM’s Wynwood Art Gallery,” Dehen said. “While this is not the first time I have exhibited my work in a gallery setting, it is an exciting show in that it celebrates the start of a new journey for me in my career as an artist.”

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Ceramic sculptures titled "New Years Gifts" by Kimberly Bauldree, currently on display at the University of Miami Gallery. Photo credit: Sydney Boyo

Dehan said her work was inspired by the potential of color, but she wants visitors to form their own opinions.

“I want the public to experience my work as they wish to,” Dehan said. “I want the viewer to experience my paintings without being directly told what to see or how to feel.”

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The Wynwood Building— which houses the The University of Miami Gallery— is located at 2750 NW Third Ave. Photo credit: Sydney Boyo

The University of Miami Art Gallery at the Wynwood Building is located at 2750 NW Third Ave., Suite 4, Miami, Fl 33127. For further information, call 305-284-3161.

Featured Artist Include: Kimberly Bauldree (Ceramics: Eagle’s Nest & Cups), Talia Ceravolo (Painting: Natasha Kozaily), Jessica Dehen (Painting: Cascade), Christine Di Staola (Printmaking: Psychodots: Agosto 88), Nadine Hall (Sculpture: Trapped), Lance Layman (Sculpture: Remnant II) and Charlisa Montrope (Printmaking: Just Smile & Wave Series)