V’s Take: The hottest months are coming

As we countdown the days until the end of the semester, there’s one question on everyone’s mind: How do you get your relationship ready for summer?

A graduation goodbye

It’s time for you to leave UM and maybe leave your significant other behind. As you enter the real world and move on to jobs, new cities and adult life, you may have to leave your guy or gal behind.

Just remember to have really good break up sex. It will be the climax of your college experience.

If you’re on the receiving end of this graduation goodbye, you can always pull a “Legally Blonde” and go after your Warner like the sexy stalker you know you are.

Becoming long-distance lovers

It’s time to take a break from doing it on a dorm room bed and head home to see your family for the summer. But what happens to bae when you both go away?

You’ve gotta keep your relationship rolling and try to deal with the distance. Even if you can’t do the dirty in person, you can surely try to do it over FaceTime.

Love knows no distance, but neither will you if you book a non-refundable plane ticket to see your significant other on your parent’s credit card.

Even if you don’t, just remember summer is short and you have a semester full of sexy activities to look forward to together.

Staying together in SoFla

Think of how hot it will be to spend all summer with your bae in 95 degree temperatures. V won’t be the only one who is super wet this summer – you will be literally drenched by your own sweat.

While it will be great to spend time with your special someone without having to worry about homework and class, remember to take things slow.

Remember those cows who ate their entire ration of food for the winter in one day? The same thing can happen to people from eating too much booty after a stressful semester.

But seriously, take things slow so you don’t hurt yourself physically or emotionally. Too much of a good thing – or person – is still too much.

What are your plans for the summer? Let me know by emailing dearv@themiamihurricane.com