Senior has no regrets about majoring in what she loves

Annie Louk is a senior graduating in May 2018. She is double majoring in English literature and criminology. Upon graduation, she'll be attending law school.
Photo Courtesy: Annie Louk

At a time when STEM subjects are getting a lot of attention and attracting an increasing number of majors, Annie Louk said she couldn’t be happier that she majored in a subject she loves – English literature.

The 22-year-old student has struggled with the stigma of being a humanities major at a time when STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – and careers are being emphasized. Louk, who also has a Spanish minor, initially thought her interest in the humanities might be misplaced.

“As an avid reader throughout high school, I was really insecure about majoring in English because all of my friends were STEM majors, and a lot of people think humanities majors are useless,” Louk said. “But after taking a couple of classes here, I did not regret it. If you like something, you shouldn’t doubt it.”

But it is not that Louk could not be persuaded to consider other majors.

“I started taking criminology classes for a cognate, and I liked them so much that I added the major,” Louk said. “Something I tell everyone is to major in whatever you’re passionate about because, otherwise, what’s the point in doing something you don’t like?”

While Louk does not regret majoring in English, the interest she developed in her criminology major led her to her career choice. She is planning to attend law school in the fall.