Thrifting tips: Earth Day edition

Edge Editor Haley Walker, senior Photo credit: Jordan Lewis

From unethical working conditions to industrial pollution, our contemporary, quick-flipping fashion industry has some major setbacks. “Fast fashion” retailers such as Forever 21, Zara, H&M and TopShop stock their stores with new micro-trends every week, meaning that billions of non-biodegradable pieces end up in landfills when they are no longer in vogue. You can do your part to lessen clothing waste by shopping second-hand, and since most trends are recycled, you can often find those look-of-the-moment pieces at a thrift store.

In honor of Earth Day, my friends Anh Le, Ben Youngblood, Chris Shreck, Sam Bierman and I hit the Goodwill Superstore in Kendall to see what we could find. At an average price of $2 per item, we put together six looks that break the destructive fast-fashion cycle without breaking the bank. Here are our looks and tips for reducing your fashion footprint:

Ben Youngblood and Sam Bierman, seniors Photo credit: Jordan Lewis

Stick to basics and statement pieces.

Denim is a perennial fashion favorite – you can build almost any outfit around a good pair of jeans. Youngblood and Bierman add interest to their signature black skinnies with bold patterned button-downs.

Anh Le, senior Photo credit: Jordan Lewis

Update the dated.

This coat might have belonged to some ’80s matron, but Le gives it a contemporary twist with her midi skirt and high-top kicks.

Chris Shreck, Haley Walker, Ben Youngblood, seniors Photo credit: Jordan Lewis

DIY if needed.

With a pair of scissors, I turned an XL tee and men’s jeans into a crop top and kick-flares. Shreck and Youngblood fixed the fits of their shirts by cuffing the sleeves.

Edge Editor Haley Walker, senior Photo credit: Jordan Lewis

Shop in the wrong section.

I copped this ’90s ensemble from the children’s section. If you’re on the smaller side, you can make a little girl’s tank and uniform skirt look like a much pricier outfit from UNIF or Goodbye Bread.

To get looks like this and do something good for the environment, visit the Goodwill Superstore at 7101 SW 117th Ave.