‘Cane Records to host ‘For The Record: Vol. III’ release party

"For The Record: Vol. III" cover art Photo credit: Tess Schuit
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"For The Record: Vol. III" cover art Photo credit: Tess Schuit

For the drop of another genre-spanning compilation album, the student-run ‘Cane Records is throwing a party. Several of this year’s selected artists will perform songs at 4:30 p.m. April 13 on the Lakeside Patio Stage.

Since its founding in 1993, ‘Cane Records has given UM students the opportunity to run one of the nation’s first and most renowned university labels. Continually, it has been in the indie music spotlight – the Independent Music Awards nominated its 2012 release, “Breaking the Surface, Vol. 2,” for the “Best Compilation” category, which it later won with its 2016 album. But as president Tess Schuit and vice president Lauren Reiner will tell you, running a label entails more than just choosing the music and winning awards.

“‘Cane Records is a great resource for students interested in the music business because it offers real-world experience, but also for musicians who want to practice performing, work on their social media presence and grow themselves as artists in the Miami community,” Schuit said.

The biggest project ‘Cane Records takes on each year is, undoubtedly, its compilation album. Organizing the album helps the label decide which artists, who are very much the faces of ‘Cane Records, to pursue as clients.

“Once you’re on a compilation album, that’s not just it,” Reiner said. “We continue promoting your songs and shows even years after you were on the album.”

‘Cane Records selected the 12 tracks on “For The Record: Vol. III” from an anonymous submission portal advertised to all UM students. This year’s album, which features everything from neo-soul to heavy metal, may be the label’s most eclectic yet.

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The twelve tracks featured on "For The Record: Vol. III" Photo credit: Tess Schuit

“We get the album mastered by one person, which kind of keeps a cohesive sound, but we’re not trying to be genre-specific this time,” Reiner said.

“That’s the beauty of a compilation album,” Schuit said. “It’s the best-of-the-best of everything.”

“For The Record: Vol. III” will be free to stream on SoundCloud April 13. Check out ‘Cane Records’ YouTube for exclusive videos of each track. And, of course, after grabbing a Senior Day beer at the Rat, stop by the Patio Stage release party to hear the curated tracks, plus another from each artist, live.