10 fresh tracks for the weekend

Here are this week’s ten song picks, courtesy of Edge Editor Haley Walker.

Listen to the full playlist here.

Towkio – 2 Da Moon

Chicago rapper Preston Oshito, formerly known as Preston San and Tokyo Shawn, is Towkio. In his brand new studio album debut, “WWW.”, Oshito experiments with sounds from the early 90s hip-hop scene, R&B of the mid-2000s, and modern electronic music. The explosive track “2 Da Moon” shows promise of topping the pop charts.

Remo Drive – Blue Ribbon

Remo Drive is the brainchild of Bandcamp kings Erik and Stephen Paulson. This emo revival band signed to Epitaph Records and released the cult classic “Greatest Hits” in 2017. Now, they’re back with an equally infectious single, “Blue Ribbon”.

Yuno – No Going Back

Making his streaming service debut with the single “Not Going Back”, Jacksonville producer and musician Yuno echoes both the Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds” and Grizzly Bear’s “Veckatimest”. With a mix of hazy synth and bright guitar lines, “Not Going Back” showcases Yuno’s stylistic depth.

Manchester Orchestra (feat. Julien Baker) – Bad Things To Such Good People

Masters of melancholy Manchester Orchestra and Julien Baker released a collaborative track that is every bit as haunting as one would expect. The stripped-down, reverb-heavy Bad Things To Such Good People” sounds more like Baker’s “Turn Out The Light” than anything Manchester Orchestra has put out, but the sad timbre of Andy Hull’s voice matches Baker’s perfectly.

Father John Misty – Mr. Tillman

Josh Tillman, a former member of Fleet Foxes, created the alter-ego Father John Misty in a mockery of his old band. Where Fleet Foxes is high-brow and esoteric, Misty is conversational and occasionally crass. The new single “Mr. Tillman” is simple, self-critical and confessional in typical Misty fashion.

Andre Bernier – Condo

Frost Junior Andre Bernier showcases his lyrical wit and musical complexity in his breakout EP, “Where The Light Won’t Reach.” His sound echoes indie phenoms like Pinegrove and old favorites like Bon Iver, but stretches the limits of his predecessors styles with melodic layering, orchestral instruments and impressive vocal range.

Kero Kero Bonito – You Know How It Is

Kero Kero Bonito’s name, which means “Croak, Croak, Bonito Fish” in Japanese and “I want, I want, Beautiful” in Portuguese is as eclectic as its musical influences. The British band is inspired by J-pop, dancehall, and video game music, but also incorporates elements of rap and punk. “You Know How It Is” is a ramped-up rock track with soft vocals from KKB’s newest EP, “TOTEP”.

Screaming Females – I’ll Make You Sorry

“All at Once” is Jersey punk band Screaming Females’s seventh studio album, and as “I’ll Make You Sorry” proves, their music still delivers biting social critique with driving riffs and drum hits. Music critics are in agreement — in this political climate, punk will live on.

The Wonder Years – Sister Cities

Pennsylvania pop-punk band The Wonder Years just released another shout-at-the-top-of-your-lungs single, “Sister Cities.” Like their fame-making 2013 album, “The Greatest Generation,” “Sister Cities” deals with loneliness, childhood baggage and mental health to the tune of shrieking guitars.

SOB X RBE – Anti Social

San Francisco rap crew SOB X RBE is topping critic charts with the release of “Gangin” this month. Their music critiques Bay Area culture and the music industry itself while delivering bouncy, fresh-sounding tracks.