10 tunes for the weekend

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Here’s the latest round of the editor’s best fresh tracks. Listen here.

Prince Woods (feat. BenHon) – Stay Awake

This Midwest-turned-Miami duo made its name producing house tracks but has since rebranded as Prince Woods and relaxed its sound. The pair’s new album, “Discovery,” features vocals from two Frost contemporary music students, senior Ben Hon and junior Alice Kim.

Tall Heights – Not Like it Was

Massachusetts band Tall Heights masters warm harmonies and emotive melodies. Tall Height’s newest single, “Not Like it Was,” juxtaposes electric guitar and trumpets, an unexpectedly pleasant twist on the conventional indie-folk sound.

nothing,nowhere. – Ruiner

A pioneer of the emo-rap scene, nothing,nowhere. is the moniker of Vermont’s Joe Mulherin. Mulherin combines the clever wordplay of popular rap acts with the twinkly guitar patterns and dismal lyrics of modern emo.

Camp Cope – How to Socialise & Make Friends

Narrative masters Maq, Kel and Thomo make up the all-female trio behind Camp Cope. Hailing from Australia, Camp Cope has found its niche among the stripped-down singer-songwriters of alternative rock, like Courtney Barnett and Soccer Mommy.

Pianos Become The Teeth – Charisma

One of the enduring bands of the post-hardcore scene, Pianos Become The Teeth made its name in 2010 with the release of “Old Pride,” a lyrically dark and musically dynamic record. Its much-anticipated 2018 album “Wait for Love” was announced with the release of this evocative song.

U.S. Girls – Pearly Gates

Ironically, U.S. Girls is the moniker of Canadian recording artist Meghan Remy. Her newest project, “In a Poem Unlimited,” diverges from her 2007 noise-pop roots, pulling elements from funk, disco and new wave.

Howard – Mother’s Wedding

Brooklyn band Howard, named after lead vocalist Howard Feibusch, blends the lo-fi production and vintage vocal harmonies of indie-folk with electronica. “Mother’s Wedding” takes subtle but unexpected turns with brass instruments, arpeggiator, synth and vocal samples.

Oliver Tree – Alien Boy

With his goggle-glasses, frighteningly ’80s ensembles and kiddish bowl cut, Oliver Tree’s synthy single “Alien Boy” is aptly named. Tree doesn’t take himself seriously, and you shouldn’t either – humor and fun are central to the branding of the Santa Cruz native’s self-produced projects.

PRETTYMUCH – 10,000 Hours

With its 2017 hit “Would You Mind,” PRETTYMUCH showed promise of reviving the ’90s boyband scene. The new single “10,000 Hours” doesn’t scream NSYNC but rather proves the band is capable of dipping into the R&B scene as well.

Spaceships – Rejjie Snow (feat. Ebenezer)

Rejjie Snow finds his sonic inspiration in acts such as N.E.R.D. and Tyler, The Creator, but the young Irish rapper shows potential for carving out a unique sound. The 20-track “Dear Annie” laments the loss of a lover through bouncy rap tracks and crooning R&B, successfully hitting both the highs and lows of the emotional spectrum.