Don’t get weak for Greeks

The semester is in full swing, syllabus week is over and it’s time to do some serious learning. Professor V is here to teach you a lesson – but it’s not one you may expect.

Greek Life seems to take over campus, and students’ minds, at the beginning of each spring semester.

The Future Frat Bros of America find their brothers from another mother shortly after sorority girls find their sisters from another mister. But it still seems some people get left out.

These organizations – which say they aim to create community, diversity, sisterhood and brotherhood – often blatantly exclude people who don’t fit into their norms, whether they mean to or not.

I have seen firsthand guys not get out of their beds and miss class for a week because they didn’t get a bid from the fraternity of their dreams. I have seen girls sobbing because they think they won’t have a life after being dropped by their top-choice sorority.

As I’m writing this, my very close friend is saying she wants to transfer from UM because she got dropped on the last day of recruitment, which is just ridiculous.

This isn’t meant to be a repeat of last semester’s editorial on Greek Life. I’m the sex columnist, so I’ll be frank … Not getting into Greek Life doesn’t mean you’re not going to get laid and especially doesn’t mean you won’t make friends.

As someone who has had questionable experiences with Greek Life, let me spell it out: your value as a person is not measured by what other people or groups of people think of you. The girls or guys who you talk to for a few hours do not know everything about you – they can’t even scratch the surface.

The few mixers and crush parties you won’t attend are irrelevant when compared to everything else UM, and Miami as a whole, have to offer.

If you’re looking for casual sex, Greek Life isn’t the only place. Trust me, the only thing Greek Life will give you is a few broken hearts and a couple STD scares. Meeting people the authentic way will leave you happier in your friendships, relationships and even your sex life.

So don’t sweat it. There will be other friends and other things to do on weekends … And other guys and girls to have fun with, too.

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