What items should be on every UM student’s bucket list?

Let’s not sugarcoat it: college can be stressful. We have grades to maintain, more extracurriculars than elements on the periodic table and no parents around to advise us that 10 successive all-nighters might not be the wisest study strategy.

To counteract stress, I have been composing a bucket list chock-full of unproductive activities that are nevertheless completely worthwhile.

First, go to a shelter and spend some time petting dogs and cats. I checked this one off early on this year, and it was wonderfully therapeutic. Being surrounded by toucans, flamingos and toddler-sized iguanas certainly has its charm, but every so often, it’s nice to be with the sweet, domesticated animals we know and love.

Second, drive to Orlando and visit Disney World. Is there anyone at UMiami who doesn’t have this on their bucket list? Shamelessly love Disney and spontaneously take the four-hour drive to see Mickey while you’re still young, if you can afford it. Florida residents get a discount.

Lastly, explore Miami Beach. Flooded with Cuban music, fried plantains of all varieties and crystal blue waves, there is truly nowhere else like it.

When schoolwork and exams are at their peak, go and explore all this region has to offer. It just might do you more good than that 11th all-nighter.

Dana Munro is a sophomore majoring in musical theater.