Slushii, Seeb please Canes Carnival crowd despite original doubt

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Despite some of the grumbles and eye-rolls that occurred when students found out Slushii and Seeb would be this year’s Canes Carnival performers, both EDM artists drew an impressive crowd. Part of their success was that the majority of both their set lists entailed EDM remixes of well-known pop songs, so everyone could sing along.

Seeb was first on stage, and his audience grew as his show went on. He began with a remix of “Hymn for the Weekend” and followed up with EDM remixes of “I Took a Pill in Ibiza,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Bad and Boujee” and “Ni**as in Paris,” all of which drew the crowd and kept it satisfied for an hour.

After Seeb finished performing, the crowd stuck around to see Slushii, who used the same technique as Seeb: keep the audience happy by remixing well-known songs. While Seeb focused on using recent pop and rap songs, Slushii incorporated a more diverse mix of genres to keep the crowd engaged. His remixes included some pop songs such as “Work” and “Let Me Love You,” but also some older songs such as “Don’t Stop Believin’” and the ultimate 2000s sing-along, “All I Do Is Win.” Ultimately, he closed the show with a remix of “Closer,” a popular song that threw back to The Chainsmokers’ April performance in Miami.

Slushii’s range in genres — although all remixed into EDM — engaged a wider audience and provided a more interesting set list, although Seeb’s set list was more cohesive and flowed from one song into the next.

During the Student Government elections, University of Miami students voted to increase the annual Hurricane Productions fee by $7 in hopes that better funding will attract bigger-name artists.

Freshman Kathryn Forcone was happy to be out and having fun before finals week.

“Getting to see Slushii and Seeb was way better than sitting in the library studying,” Forcone said.

For those who weren’t huge fans of either artist, the Canes Carnival still provided plenty end-of-the-year fun.

“It’s good background music for me,” freshman Jessica Timmer said. “It’s great music to hear while I’m going to the food trucks or on rides.”

Despite original doubts, the selection of Seeb and Slushii turned out to be satisfying for everyone at the carnival.

Rating: 4/5 stars