Chainsmokers impresses during Memories Tour opening night in Miami

AmericanAirlines Arena

The lights dim, the screen brightens and the stage looks like a scene from the Walking Dead as fog billows across the floor. Andrew Taggart, half of the Chainsmokers duo, appears on stage, and the crowd loses its mind. The screen behind Drew comes to life with “live messaging” between him and Alex Pall, the other half of the duo, warning Pall that the concert is starting and he needs to get out here. Finally, the night kicks into full gear.

The Chainsmokers’ Memories Tour, promoting the duo’s first album, “Memories…Do Not Open,” kicked off in none other than AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami. “Memories…Do Not Open” was just named No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, and the album includes 12 originals produced by the duo. Fans packed the arena April 13 to see the iconic duo and experience the night of a lifetime.

Relatively new to the music world, the Chainsmokers was able to play all of its most popular songs, including “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” The Chainsmokers also played a cover of “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” perhaps because Panic! At the Disco played just down the street at the BB&T Center the following night. The group opened with “The One” and closed with its latest hit, “Paris.”

Even though the concert was an incredible success, fans couldn’t get enough; they relentlessly chanted for an encore after Taggart and Pall walked off the stage. When the two reappeared only a minute later, they closed the night with “Last Day Alive.”

The quality of the concert was extraordinary. Not only were the vocals crystal clear in the huge arena, they didn’t get washed out by the music and bass. Although the concert was loud enough to build hype and excitement, it wasn’t overbearing to the point of being unenjoyable.

Pall and Taggart are quite the performers, too: Pall would disappear from the stage on multiple occasions, and messages and Facetime conversations between him and Taggart were broadcast to entertain the audience. At one point, while performing “Closer,” the duo encouraged the crowd to sing along as it stayed quiet. The Chainsmokers encouraged fans to clap along and wave their phone flashlights in the air. Both Taggart and Pall kept the fans engaged throughout the course of the show, boosting the positive vibes flooding the arena.

Although the lighting made it hard to see the two from the higher levels at times, it never lasted long enough to be an annoyance. The lighting effects were incredible when they were synchronized with the music and other effects.

Overall, whether one is or isn’t an EDM fan, this was a concert worth experiencing. Between the crowd engagement, stellar music and comical side-performances, the opening night of the Memories Tour was one for the books.

The Chainsmokers will be performing until the Memories Tour ends Aug. 25 in the United Kingdom. Tickets can be found at Ticketmaster.

Rating: 4/5 stars