V’s Take: Balancing social life, academics

College is hard. Between balancing assignments, internships, community service, work and that pesky thing called sleep, you might find it hard to keep your social life in the mix. With friends, family and your boo all wanting to spend time with you, it can seem impossible to make everyone happy.

That said, keeping in touch with loved ones isn’t impossible. Keeping a few tricks and key ideas in mind, you might find yourself able to make time for everyone, saving time for yourself to boot.

As final exams approach, note these four tips to keep the people in your life close.

1. Combine priorities. So your best friend wants to hit up the mall, but your boyfriend wants to grab lunch. Why not take them both to the mall and then eat at that fancy Chinese restaurant next door? Or if you don’t want your bestie to feel like the third wheel, ask your boyfriend to meet up with you at the food court after you’ve shopped ‘til you dropped with your bff. Once the shopping’s done and your best friend goes home, your boyfriend can meet you at the mall to eat, and you won’t have to drive all over town to catch up.

2. Study up. As college students, odds are most of your friends are college students, too. Why not spend some time with friends without ditching your grades? Hit up Club Richter together, and turn what would normally be a lonely study sesh in the stacks to a fun yet productive few hours. The more the merrier, and, plus, you might find yourself exchanging helpful study tips.

3. Go digital. If you’re struggling to pick up scraps of free time during the week, don’t pressure yourself to take on more time commitments than you can handle. Instead, check in with friends through social media – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, text, you name it – and let them know they’re on your mind. Wish them luck on their bio exam, and then dive into your own work without guilt. Plus, there’s always time to meet up face-to-face after #HellWeek.

4. Don’t forget “you time.” Ultimately, the person we spent the most time with day-to-day is ourself. Between brunch with the girls, date night with the beau and hanging out with classmates, you might find yourself feeling socially exhausted. Use this opportunity to recharge your batteries, be it a solid nap, a warm bath or a glass (or five) of wine. It’s important to remember to stay in touch with yourself, too, especially during stressful times like finals.